UK Games Expo 2017

This year was the 11th annual UK Games Expo, the UK’s Largest hobby games convention.

Once again the event was held at the NEC in Birmingham taking over halls 1, 3A and the Hilton Hotel.


UKGE is held over a weekend with an estimated 25,000 visitors this year and over 225 exhibitors all with the intention of showing off new games, previewing games in development and selling existing games.

The event is great for board game enthusiasts, investors and families alike as there is something for everyone to enjoy with new game demos available to play all over the event and gaming tables set up around the hall for you to sit down and get hands on before you buy the newest editions to your collections.


alongside the main casual gaming side of the event is also a cosplay are with competitions for those wishing to become their favourite characters and tournaments for games such as the Catan UK Championships, the Agricola UK Championships and the Carcassonne UK Championships and for the first time the Fantasy Flight European Championships. There are also massive regional Pokemon tournament and magic the gathering events planned through out the weekend.

If standard board games and card game tournements don’t take your fancy, maybe you’d like to book some time with one of the many RPG tables and explore the universes of D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Dr.Who, Lord Of The Rings and many more that are being run by people attending the event to spread the joy they have for the systems they love.


We enjoyed seeing all the new games and had the pleasure of playing some new games from Brain Games, the people that created Ice Cool, an amazing game from Mage set in the 12 realms universe Dungeonland which is currently doing very well on kickstarter, look out for a review of our experience with the testing version soon and possibly one of the best games involving dice in a very long time Masters of Gettown which is still very early in its development and we here can not wait to see what they add to the final game.


Look out for reviews of all the games and more soon covering all the games we played at UKGE, new and old.

Once again an amazing event, very well organised by all involved, we will be attending next year once again as we all love seeing the new games that people come up with and we love seeing how games develop over the years