UK Games Expo 2016

UK games expo is the 4th largest games event, taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham using 3500sqm of its event hall space that has areas for retailers, a food festival, larp type events, various areas for testing games and playing RPG’s and so much more.

The event is easy to find and a joy to go around, unlike other events we have attended were you barely have space to move, the event has more than enough space to allow people to move around and go from stall to stall easily and it makes it less likely to accidentally hit people legs once you start purchasing games and accumulating bags and boxes, as we ended up doing.


We had an amazing time looking around the event, and as you can see probably spent way to much on games and merchandise and dice, and playing the various games at the games library we found a few games that we had not heard of but instantly fell in love with and having that chance to play them before we bought them is not something you normally get the chance to do with everything going digital and board game shops becoming few and far between.

With old school games such as Cluedo and Monopoly all the way to games still in beta testing, with game developers and retailers from all over the world, there are games covering all genres meaning there are games for everyone no matter your preference in play style or skill level, along with talks/seminars covering a range of subjects like game design, drawing, upcoming games and more. This also allows you to see the games coming out soon and in some cases purchase an advanced copy, such as Ice Cool that was available at the event.

The event itself was run very well and everyone seemed to know what they were meant to be doing making it an amazing experience and a must go to event for anyone who plays or has a general interest or for you to drag along your friends for them to see what games are out there.

We hope to attend the future UKGE and get a bit more hands on with some of the new games coming out, as this was our first UKGE we went for a more general look around to get a feel for the event as we did not wish to commit to interviews and such and find that we were unable to find the stalls or be delayed by over crowding but this time round has shown us that the event is planned out incredibly well and over event organisers could certainly learn a thing or to by attending. We will also be hopefully covering some of the cosplay at the event that we had no idea was even going to be a presence this time round.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets for future events please go to their website