Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay by Queen Coral

I have a slight addition to Paradise Bay, I spend way too much time playing it even though I tend to get nowhere and I’m currently slightly stuck but I still find myself returning every time I find myself in front of the TV with my Ipad in my hands.

Paradise Bay is a Farmville type simulation game by King (the creators of Candy Crush Saga), I feel like this one sticks out from other simulation games even though I’m still slightly new to the genre only having played two or three other Farmville type games. It sticks out to me because the characters seem to have more personality compared to other games like this.


Getting through certain parts of the game will bring on little scenes or narration from the characters. Weather it being a character needs an item or a new character being introduced. It makes a change to the standard I can upgrade this for so many gems etc..

Speaking of gems, the ease of getting the gems for this game is brilliant. Every day I open up my game there will be a few treasure chests hidden around the island usually presenting a few diamonds. Completing a certain amount of tasks at the trading post will also get you some gems and as you level up you get more opportunities to gain diamonds from characters at the docks or the surrounding islands.


The island is completely animated, from being able to tap surrounding items, creating ripples in the water or switching a light on and off on a lamp post, its little amusing things like this that keeps you occupied whilst waiting on your items to grow or build.

I’m starting to level up so much now that new items do tend to take a long time to make or grow with things like blueberries taking nearly a day to grow and with previous games it becomes so long that it becomes really tedious to play. Fortunately with this game it still asks for the quick growing/making items in later levels it just gives less XP and I can set up a row of the longer loading items while I’m not playing and can come back and have a little stock pile of each.


The game connects to Facebook but you cant play on the website like other King games (I feel like it would reach more people if it did) but the lack of interaction does let me down. You can visit each others island and search for wildlife which helps you collect stars (which can be exchanged for tools). You can see your friends shop and buy from them and you can apparently help them fish for things in the sea but I think I haven’t been able to use that function yet maybe because I haven’t unlocked it on my island yet but I’m sure I will find out eventually.

Now for the glitches, the only problem I have with this game is it sometimes crashes as seen on my Paradise Bay part 1 video (it doesn’t usually happen that much). It does become a pain at times but it doesn’t loose any of your progress. That’s the only major glitch I’ve encountered but I’m aware its a common one and Kings updates have still failed to fix it but it doesn’t stop me playing for long periods of time.

So far I’m really enjoying this game and I would recommend you give it a go. I’ve been trying to find some more games like this to this standard and haven’t found any yet but I haven’t looked too hard. I haven’t really found any super good tips or tricks yet but I am looking. Let us know what you think!

Queen Coral x