Ice Cool

Recently Joy and I went to UKGE (UK Games Expo) and meet with the people over at Brain Games to see their new game Ice Cool – the first flicking game with pieces that curve and jump. The game was nominated, and won, the UKGE 2016 award in the children’s category.


Brain Games kindly gifted us a copy of the game to allow us to take it away and have a play ourselves (video above). Ice Cool is a very different game from anything I have played before and the way the game is presented is unique as far as I am aware. Each copy of the game come with 4 penguins (player pieces), a set of points cars and some fish tokens colour coded to the penguins, and that’s it in the box, this is because the box itself, with the exception of the lid, is the game board.

Once you remove the lid and remove the pieces, tokens and cards, the box comes out into 5 pieces that are arranged together following the colour coded doorways and held together with non-coloured fish tokens over the doorways as seen in the images of the game below.


The game is played by getting your designated penguin though the door ways to collect the fish tokens of your colour whilst avoiding 1 player who is trying to catch everyone else. The penguins can move either by flicking the base to push them through the doors, or around a room to get in position or by flicking the heads in order to make the penguin ‘jump’ over the walls, this is a very good way to run away from the chaser or indeed chase the main players and the game can be played by 2-4 people.

It is clear by looking at the design that it is aimed more at the younger generation but that being said it is fun for the whole family as it is so different from anything else, I would highly recommend picking up a copy, they are aiming to release the game shortly after Gen Con in August.


For more information on Ice Cool and Brain Games, you can visit their website here:!ice-cool/sq2xp

Captain Ozz