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-Captain Ozz’ Setup

Computer specs:

Case – Zalman Z11 Black with blue LED fans

Power supply – EVGA 700W 80+ Bronze

Motherboard – Gigabyte H81M-s2H

CPU – Intel I5 4460 4th gen quad core 3.2Ghz (3.4Ghz Turbo)

Hard drive – 1TB internal + 9TB External (1x3TB, 2x2TB, 2x1TB)

Memory – 16GB DDR3 1600mhz

Graphics – Nvidia GTX 980 4GB

Disk – 24x dual layer dvd writer

OS – Windows 10

Display – 2x AOC 21.5″ i2269Vwm IPS VGA HDMI Full HD Monitor



Fraps (PC)

Hauppage HD PVR (console)


Citronic CCUI Studio Condenser Microphone, USB

CITRONIC single layer pop sheild 165mm



GT Omega PRO


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